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Why Do Dogs Snore?

Dogs snore for the same reasons that humans snore. A partial closing of the throat, or blockage in the nose and throat that cause your dog to make a comical snoring sound. If your dog is a brachycephalic breed (a dog with a squashed face) it is very likely they will snore due to the […]

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How do dogs cool down?

Unlike humans dogs don’t have the ability to sweat all over. They do have sweat glands on their paws, but this is where the sweating stops. Instead dogs will loll their tongue out and pant to cool down. In hot weather is can be very easy for your dog to overheat so it is important […]

How do dogs recognise their owners?

Dog’s rely on their senses to recognize us. We all have our unique smell that our dog recognizes. However research has suggested that dogs rely most on just recognizing what our faces look like.

How do dogs express pain?

It can be difficult to know when your dog is in pain. But if you observe him carefully you should be able to workout when there is something up. If you notice a change in his behaviour. Anything out of the ordinary can indicate pain, a lot of the time your dog won’t interact with […]

How do dogs feel when you leave them?

Dogs form a close bond with their owners and do miss them when they are out. It is important to get your dog used to being left alone as otherwise it can result in destructive behaviour, such as chewing and causes the dog stress, resulting in barking and whining. Leaving your dog for a few […]

How do dogs leave their scent?

Dogs mark their territory by urinating. Dogs can obtain a lot of information from smelling other dogs urine. From the pheromones in a dog’s urine other dogs can pick up on the age, gender, health, and reproductive status of that dog.

How do dogs find their way home?

It is thought that dogs have the ability to make a mental map of an area, they can survey the area by taking note of terrain, and using their sense of smell as well as hearing to build a mental map. Some scientist think that dogs can sense the magnetic field and somehow use this […]

How do dogs go blind?

The most common cause of blindness in older dogs is cataracts. Another cause of blindness can be glaucoma whereby fluid collects in the eye and causes pressure to build which damages retinal cells causing blindness.