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5 things dogs love

We absolutely love our dogs and although we are sure they love us back; we are certain that there are a few things they love nearly as much as us. As well as the obvious things like meaty treats and belly rubs there are a few things that you can provide to make sure your […]

Dog kennels

The traditional image of a suburban dog owes a lot to stereotypes from movies and old cartoons such as Tom and Jerry – a dog snoozing in a wooden kennel that fits over him like a wooden overcoat. The thing about wooden kennels is that they’re hard to clean, prone to infestations of fleas and […]

Driving with your dog

Taking your dog away for a weekend of adventure can be a great way to show him how much you love him. Think of it like a special doggy holiday where your dog gets to experience new sights and sounds whilst spending valuable time with their favourite human, aka you! To make this dream a […]

How to pick up a dog

At some point you’re going to need to pick up your dog, whether it be to help him over a stile on a long muddy walk or simple just for cuddle. How To Pick Up A Puppy The best way to pick up your puppy is by placing both hands on his chest, behind his […]

A daily dog routine

07:00 – Dogs like to go to the toilet as soon as they wake up, so make sure that you go outside with him as soon as you come downstairs. Introduce a bit of playtime once he has done his business, and maybe bring a couple of his favourite toys out with you to keep […]

Is your dog overweight?

We know that everyone loves to occasionally spoil their dog with some tasty treats, but if you think that your dog is getting a bit on the portly side, then here are a few easy checks that you can do yourself. Obesity can lead to all sorts of health problems, most commonly back problems. Other […]

What shouldn’t I feed my dog?

Scraps From The Kitchen? We can all be susceptible to our furry friend’s puppy dog eyes willing us to give them a treat from our plate, but you must resist the temptation as most dog illnesses are induced by incorrect feeding. Giving your dog scraps will also encourage him to scrounge, which will really get […]

Choosing the right dog food

Some dogs will eat absolutely anything – including the contents of the rubbish bin. This is why we can’t leave the decision up to them and must give them a healthy, balanced diet. There really is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to commercial dog foods. Choose a dog food that […]

Drinking water

Some dogs slurp up water as if they’ve been in the desert for months, while others will only go for an occasional drink. Whatever his thirst, water is absolutely essential for your dog, as it is with all animals. How Much Water Should Your Dog Drink? Sled dog breeds like the Siberian Husky may prefer […]

Feeding your dog

Dogs love to eat. And eat… And eat… And many would eat all day if they could, but overfeeding does not do a dog any favours. A healthy dog is a happy dog, which is why it is so important that you feed them a balanced diet. It might be very tempting to give your […]