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Cat Dehydration: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Water is essential for maintaining your cat’s health. As well as helping to replace the fluids lost through their urine and faeces, it is necessary for their circulation, digestion and waste removal. Dehydration occurs when there is excessive fluid loss from your cat’s body. This is not simply a loss of water, but also the […]

Dog body language

Dogs are very good at expressing their emotions through body language. At times we may all wish that our dogs could just tell us how they are feeling. Fortunately we can come pretty close to knowing exactly how they are feeling through reading their body language. If you can learn to interpret your dog’s body […]

Dog communication

When your best canine pal comes up to you covered in mud with his tail wagging you may wonder if he’s trying to tell you something. In this case he’s probably telling you he found some great mud to play in and that you should come and join him. But what if your dog wants […]