5 things dogs love

We absolutely love our dogs and although we are sure they love us back; we are certain that there are a few things they love nearly as much as us. As well as the obvious things like meaty treats and belly rubs there are a few things that you can provide to make sure your dog is totally healthy and content.

1. A Comfortable Dog Crate

All dogs love having their own warm, comfortable crate to quietly lie in. They enjoy having somewhere safe to rest, as well as a place to go to when they are scared of thunder or fireworks.

2. A Family Outing

Dogs love being involved in every family outing and being taken for regular and interesting walks. Every opportunity you have to bring your dog along with you will be hugely appreciated. He might even reward you by quietly settling down when you get home.

3. Organised Medical Records

Dogs love for their owners to keep a record of all their vaccinations as well as when they need their boosters. They also love their owners to give them a microchip or a contact disc on their collar in case they wander off too far.

4. Grooming And Rewards

Dogs absolutely love being fussed and rewarded when they behave well and they enjoy being brushed, cleaned and groomed regularly so that their coats and skin are healthy. They also love having a fresh bowl of clean water at all times, as well as a feeding routine so that they know when their mealtime is.

5. A Cool And Ventilated Car

When waiting in the car, dogs love being left in the shade with plenty of water and fresh air, but they don’t like being left for very long. They also don’t like having their tails pulled or being shouted at when they misbehave.